WMNF Style Statement

The manner in which we conduct our business, make our decisions and interact with each other is both the cause and effect of the attitudes we bring to WMNF. Whether listener-sponsor, volunteer, board member, or staff we are all proud to be a part of WMNF.

  • Our interactions are grounded in the assumptions of the good intentions of all.
  • We believe that we are all empowered as much by our efforts as by our results.
  • We believe that the good of WMNF and its service to its audience and the community is more important than any of our individual goals.
  • We respect the uniqueness, diversity and integrity of each of us.
  • We are committed to building an organization that values trust and trustworthiness.
  • We believe in the values reflected in our mission statement.
  • We remain mindful that during times of change, when conflict may be unavoidable, acceptance and appreciation of each other’s idealism are the keys to resolving conflicts.
  • We believe in open and non-judgmental communication, and value and support the direct resolution of interpersonal conflicts.
  • We believe in the principle of equality, and value the ethics of honesty, integrity, and accountability to others and to our community.
  • We value each other’s talents, experiences and abilities and support the opportunity to teach and learn from other.
  • We recognize that all of us involved with WMNF are here by choice, and we take part in decisions as to what role we play, how we work together and how our work and our organization are structured.
  • We are respectful of the group process by voicing all our opinions openly, by attending to divergent opinions and by listening when others speak.
  • We are committed to a process of inclusion and recognize and encourage the participation of all.
  • We recognize that the creation and ongoing success of WMNF is the result of the cooperation and team work of everyone involved in WMNF, including listeners, members, volunteers, and board members and staff.