Underground electronica hosted by Dood,Mike Scalco, Robert Thompson, Brad Weideman, and Ciprian Adams.

  • Hosts : Dood, Tom Shook
  • Broadcast channel: Friday, 12:00AM - 4:00AM


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ZentripZ is the longest running Electronic Dance Music radio show on the FM dial in the Southern USA. 17 Epic years ! Zentripz features cutting edge dance music with Live Dj and Video mixes. Also interviews with national and international artists, producers, Dj's and performers. The Show used to be called ZentripZiteeZ in it's truly Underground days and was spawned during those Halcyon days of the Florida Rave scene... UltraZen is Chillicious show featuring; Downtempo, Ethno, Tribal, Chill Lounge, Trip Hop and Ambient Electronica focusing on Spirituality and Awareness to send love vibes to the Multiverses.. P.L.U.R.!

"DOOD" is the host of ZentripZ and UltraZen

Experiencing numerous shamanic journeys including contacts with Alien Intelligence, a fungi inspired activation at the Temple of Inscriptions at Palenque, vision quests in the areas surrounding Sedona and the Navajo Nation, connecting with the aboriginal vibe down under, the pure beauty of New Zealand combined with the magic of Bora Bora have brought Dood to a state of supreme gratitude giving him a much deeper appreciation of uplifting rhythmic grooves .... not to mention the patience to wait for the return of the Mothership.

Until then Dood abides


Tom Shook