Postmodern Hootenany

With one foot firmly in the wellspring of traditional music, Postmodern Hootenanny makes the connection with the music of today in folk, singer-songwriter, Americana, alt country and more. Ed Lehmann is your guide on this exploration of the old and new, with the able help of Colleen Able.

  • Host : Ed Lehmann
  • Broadcast channel: Thursday, 6:00PM - 8:00PM


Listen Again


Ed Lehmann


The hills actually are alive with the sound of music.

The Hoot has now begin it's fifth year, and I am more excited than ever that the show airs from 6PM to 8PM. We take our cue from Bob Dylan . As Woody Guthrie's heir apparent, he began his career firmly entrenched in traditional folk music and then evolved into something uniquely his own that changed the face of popular music. Exciting new artists are emerging constantly, bringing their spin on the American wellspring of music, making our journey of discovery ever fresh and exciting. I never grow tired of discovery, and acts like Nickel Creek, First Aid Kit and the Vespers continue to expand the new folk horizons. I'm also grateful to Colleen Able for her help and exuberance. Explaining what the Hoot is all about, she says : "It's the music Bob Dylan would play if he were doing a show on WMNF". I'm down with that description. And Bob hasn't called to disagree, so it must be true. ... Join us for an exhilarating weekly musical exploration!