Hosted by celebrated radio personality Norman B, Life Elsewhere is a new program focusing on Arts, Culture and Media with interviews, reviews and observations. Guests will include authors, musicians, designers, actors, artists, as well as cultural commentators. Life Elsewhere promises to entertain, enlighten and encourage the discerning listener to take a second look at the wealth of culture surrounding us.

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Life Elsewhere - Your New Program About Art, Culture & Media

Life Elsewhere - Your New Program About Art, Culture & Media Each week we’ll surprise you with a fresh and alternate look at a variety of topics. Recent editions of Life Elsewhere have included notable authors Mark Haskell-Smith, Gillian Gaar, Patrick O’Neil and Chad Kultgen; legendary rap artist Sir Mix-A-Lot, distinguished architect Yann Weymouth; eminent professors Andrew Raine, Philip Leiberman and Robert Klitzman; crossword constructor Merl Reagle. Actors, designers, artists and media experts have also joined us to explore subjects from “Same Sex & The Media” to “Villains”. ***Learn about Life Elsewhere at:***

Gay & Happy in Russia?

***“Putin is the ‘Czar of Homophobia’***. His regime has outlawed the public expression of **LGBT** identity and affection – and prohibited the advocacy of **LGBT** human rights – in circumstances where a person under 18 might see it. The adoption of children by overseas same-sex couples has also been banned and **LGBT** organisations that receive donations from abroad are being fined as ‘foreign agents’. These are the latest examples of escalating homophobic and political repression in Russia,” said **Peter Tatchell**, Director of the **Peter Tatchell Foundation**. On the next edition of **Life Elsewhere** we discuss what is happening in Russia with **Peter Tatchell.**

Bram Stoker + Russophobia = Dracula

“In Victorian England, a marked fear of Russia prevailed in the government and the public. As a result of the Crimean War and other Russian threats to the British Empire, the English mind was haunted by a shadowy enemy of barbarous Eastern invaders. The influence of this **Russophobia** is evident in the works of **Bram Stoker**, who responded to the Russian challenge to British Imperial hegemony through the character of Dracula, a primitive and menacing Eastern figure destroyed by warriors pledged to the crown.” We talk to **Dr. Jimmie Cain** about his theory and his book *“Bram Stoker and Russophobia: Evidence of the British Fear of Russia in Dracula and The Lady of the Shroud”*. The next edition of Life ***Elsewhere airs Monday, 19 at 9.00am EST (1400 GMT)***

Understanding Chelsea

Bradley Manning through his attorney, announced that he was beginning hormone treatment to become a woman and that he should be referred to as Chelsea Manning. Since then, a flurry of misinformation and questionable comments about transgender people has percolated the media. On the next edition of **Life Elsewhere** we take a closer look at Transgender issues. Our guests will include the mother of a Transgender child, a Transgender person and a doctor who specializes in Transgender issues. All this plus the **Hit That Never Was**, featuring **Jim Croce**‘s son **AJ**. ***Life Elsewhere airs Monday 26, at 9.00am EDT (1400 GMT)***

The Best Of Life Elsewhere

Join us Labor Day for the **Best Of** edition, as we look back at highlights of **Life Elsewhere**, the new show about **Art, Media & Culture**

Syria & Daleks

What don't we know and what should we know about Syria? On the next edition of Life Elsewhere we talk with experts to help us better evaluate the situation in Syria. Dr. Binoy Kampmark will join us from Melbourne, Australia with an alternative insight. Mr. Kampmark was running with Julian Assange for the WikiLeaks Party in the recent Victoria elections. From Dickinson College, Ed Webb, assistant professor of political science and international studies will also join us. Mr. Webb specializes in understanding the Middle East, coincidently, the professor has also written about the Daleks and Dr. Who, we'll ask him about both subjects. Plus, we bring you this week's Hit That Never Was, a rare Jamaican 7" selected by a listener.

Life After Punk

On the next edition of **Life Elsewhere** we talk with two men who grew up in the age of Punk. **Patrick O’Neil**, self-proclaimed ex-punk, ex-roadie, ex-junkie, ex-bank robber and the author of the memoir “Hold Up”. **O’Neil** talks about his Punk life and reads from his second book, chronicling his former career as roadie/road manager for several major Punk bands during the 80′s including, **Dead Kennedys**, **Flipper**, **TSOL** and **Subhumans**. **Adam Morris**‘s illustrious career began as road manager for (the original) **Killing Joke**, moving on to manage **The Orb**, then record label owner, college lecturer and musicologist. **Adam** shares anecdotes entailing **Motorhead**, “the archetype rock ‘n’ roll band” to ripoffs, “always keep the copyright”. Plus, quickly send your Punk suggestion for this week’s **Hit That Never Was**, to: ******

The Fact & Fiction Edition

From Melbourne, Australia, distinguished expert on diplomacy, international relations and 20th century history, Dr. Binoy Kampmark joins the conversation, covering Chelsea Manning, Adrian Lamo, security clearance and Syria. Larry Reid, noted curator of Fantagraphics Books in Seattle, offers insight on graphic novels and the sub-culture of comic books. Plus, this week's Hit That Never Was selected by a listener.


On the next edition of Life Elsewhere the legendary Sir Mix-A-Lot shares his views on Syria, Gun Control, Ted Cruz, Obamacare and the President. Thrash aka Kris Weston, formerly of The Orb talks about his time with the ambient band and his new Kickstarter project. Jason Stewart president of TIGLFF (Tampa International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival) discuses the upcoming festival. Plus this week's Hit That Never Was. For more info about Life Elsewhere go to: Life Elsewhere airs Monday, 9.00am EDT (1400 GDT)

In Depth With Martin Atkins & Parody News Vs. Real News With Ted Coreless

The next edition of Life Elsewhere features an in depth and personal interview with Martin Atkins, one of rock's legendary drummers, who also happens to be a really good guy. Martin's stellar resume includes PiL, Brian Brain, Ministry, Pigface, Killing Joke and Nine Inch Nails. We talk with Martin about his experiences and collaborations with these legendary bands and how he became an educator on the workings of the music business.. He's an engaging man, you'll not want to miss his real-life anecdotes. Plus Martin Atkins selects this week's Hit That Never Was...can you guess what it will be? Ted Coreless, attorney, critical thinker and media personality will join us to address the question, "How did parody news become real news?" With antagonistic talking heads, split screens, omnipresent news crawls, animated graphics, quick cut-aways and non-stop moving cameras, do we now live in a world where sedate, non-confrontational dialogue is all but vanished?

Bowie - Song By Song

Have you ever heard Cygnet Committee or Alternative Candidate? Two songs, most fans of the man who wrote Space Oddity are probably not familiar with. Those two rarities, along with Space Oddity, Man Who Sold the World, Station To Station and many more are featured in a new book, Rebel Rebel. This exhaustive and fascinating publication covers David Bowie's output from first his single in 1964 to Station To Station, his landmark album of 1976. This is volume one, of what will be the entire discography of Bowie's recorded work. Author Chris O'Leary, a past guest on Life Elsewhere, digs deep into the history of each Bowie song, scrupulously examining every one, with a break down of who recorded it, who played on it and produced it, when it was played live or broadcast on TV or radio. He also provides critical interpretations of Bowie's music and lyrics, as well as how Bowie's personal history and cultural trends collided to inspire a particular song, whether it was Tibetan Buddhism, the Apollo moon landing, George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four or Philadelphia Soul. “There had never been so self-conscious an act as Bowie’s in pop before,” writes Chris O'Leary, he continues, “Only the prosperous, youthheady, pop music emporia that was Britain and America in the Sixties and Seventies could have produced Bowie the rock musician. Had he come early in the 20th Century, he would have been a painter or a music hall performer; had he come today, he’d likely be writing for Image Comics.” Die-hard fans, music lovers and everyone interested in popular culture cannot miss the next edition of Life Elsewhere, when Chris O'Leary will join Norman B to unravel the facts, explain the real stories and play rarities of David Bowie songs.

Do You Speak English & Is The Pope Catholic?

Our headline is made up of two jokey rhetorical questions. The first, more commonly heard in the USA, is often used as an insult or at best as an inquiry to comprehension. The second, possibly more colloquial in the UK, where sardonically stating the obvious is a part of everyday British life and humor. Those differences in the use of language in Britain and America form the basis of a witty new book, That’s Not English: Britishisms, Americanisms, and What Our English Says About Us. Author, Erin Moore will join Norman B to talk about how two nations share a common language but often misunderstand what each other are saying. Erin and Norman will also discuss and say, naughty four-letter words. Norman B has no doubt Pope Francis is catholic, despite having used the “Is the Pope…” line almost as many times as he’s had hot dinners. But he will ask Garry Wills if the Pope is relevant. Mr Wills’s new book, The Future of the Catholic Church with Pope Francis could be a plodding dry academic read, instead the author explains a complex subject adroitly. As a counterpoint to the lighter part of the program on Britishisms and Americanisms, Norman B’s interview with Garry Wills will take a serious but revealing tact with questions on Pope Francis’s future dictums on birth control, abortion and Islam. Make you do not miss the next edition of Life Elsewhere, we air every Sunday, at 12 noon Eastern Standard Time at The Source on WMNF HD 3. Click on this link and then click on The Source.


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