The Event Horizon

"The Event Horizon" is an eclectic free form radio show that strives to play 50% new and unheard of independent, alternative, underground music with the remaining music being old favorites and newly discovered gems from the past. Genre restrictions will be smashed - open up and relax at this very interesting time of the day.

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  • Host : , Ira Hankin
  • Broadcast channel: Tuesday, 12:00AM - 4:00AM


Listen Again


Semi-official tribute to Leonard Nimoy show..........

If you missed the show this week, I would love for you to put our great archive system to work and listen to my semi-official tribute to Leonard Nimoy and his most well known character Mr. Spock. I had such a fun time compiling material for the show and throwing it in the on air "blender" better known as the Event Horizon. The show is only up until next Monday evening so get on it!


Ira Hankin