Survey of the local arts scene with JoEllen Schilke.

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Art in Your Ear in the house!!! Tune in for the hows-whys-whens and wheres of the art world. Oh, and who's, too.

<p>Arts for the next generation--too. We are your community radio station. Do you have an event coming up? Some exciting art news? Please email me at Thanks!</p>


The Hostess who Loves YOU the Mostess


don't mess with mnf!

Hello Art fans,

Thanks so much for listening to Art in Your Ear. This show has been on WMNF in one way or another since the early 80s. The art world has changed so much locally since then.

If you want to be interactive, we have a facebook page And holla at me if you want me to know about an art event or have a question:

Music & Poetry on today's show (4/11)

Umbrellas----Peanutbutter Wolf (played at Record Store Day at Bananas last year)

800 Jobs----Nasser El Gabry/Judith Sloan

Into My Soul----Gabin with Dee Dee Bridgewater on vocals

Just Can't Get Enough (Depeche Mode cover)----Nouvelle Vague

VCR----The XX

Zhiganochka/Gypsy Dance----Sergey Ryabtsvev

Avalon----Benny Goodman

I Got Hurt Feelings----Flight of the Concords

Haunted----Love & Rockets

Walk on the Wild Side (Lou Reed Cover)----my boyfriend Joseph Arthur

Phone Baye Ne----The Bombay Royale--Sleeping Giant Remix

I Found Love----Styrofoam + Sarah Sharon

Pretty Vacant (Sex Pistols Cover)--Bhangra remix

Thanks for listening!