Founder of Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary on "Talking Animals"

Talking Animals Aug 21 2013 9:00AM - 10:00AM Add to Calendar

My guest on "Talking Animals August 21 will be Kari Bagnall, founder and director of Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary.

A nonprofit facility located in Gainesville, FL, Jungle Friends provides a permanent home for more than 100 new world monkeys that were formerly part of the exotic pet trade, retired from laboratory research or otherwise landed at Jungle Friends.

The term new world monkeys refers to the five families of primates found in Central and South America and parts of Mexico. Examples include marmosets, spider monkeys, tamarins, capuchins, and squirrel monkeys.

The roots of Jungle Friends extend back more than 20 years, when a white-faced capuchin monkey named Samantha, was born into the exotic pet trade in 1992 and entered Bagnall’s life. Samantha was soon joined by Charlotte, Samantha’s biological sister, and the rest—to be really glib about it—is Jungle Friends history.

Kari Bagnall will speak with us live on "Talking Animals" on August 21 at 9am ET, and listeners are invited to participate in the conversation by calling 813-239-9663 or e-mailing

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