Sense of Place for the 5th of July

Art In Your Ear Jul 05 2013 1:00PM - 2:00PM Add to Calendar

Friday's show was all about (well, we veered a little off the path) places, or the sense of place, mainly, but not only, in the USA.


Haale**One More Time/One More Dub

Leonard Cohen**Democracy

Gogol Bordello**Through the Roof and Underground (bad sound quality, ended early)

Thomas Fersen**Au Cafe de la Paix

Alloy Orchestra**Always Gramaphone Record

Walt Whitman**I Hear America Singing (read by Richard Rodriguez)

Future Bible Heroes**A Drink is Just the Thing

Allen Ginsberg**A Supermarket in California

Iron & Wine**Rattling Bone

Melissa Fair**Truck Driver's Daughter

Wallace Stevens**13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird (read by M. Scott Momaday)

Foxygen**San Francisco

The Handsome Family**The Girl with the Faraway Eyes

Steve Wynne**If Music Could Talk

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