We Invite You To Talk On “Talking Animals” April 17

Talking Animals Apr 17 2013 9:00AM - 10:00AM Add to Calendar

My guest on "Talking Animals" April 17 will be...YOU?

It certainly could be. This is something we do once or twice a year.

So, once again, we're inviting folks to call in (813-239-9663) and talk on air with me for a few minutes about an animal cause or forthcoming event that's important to them--or an animal organization they lead, or volunteer with, or otherwise care strongly about.

We're going to take these calls randomly, putting them on the air and chatting for a few minutes, before taking the next call.

The two main ground rules are: (1) to give as many people as possible a chance, we ask that you please keep it brief--figure on 3-5 minutes at the maximum; (2) because of our broadcast license as a non-profit, non-commercial station, there can be no mention of the cost or price of a product, service or event, even if it's free.

Although we're chiefly interested in brief, on-air discussions, we'll certainly welcome e-mail during the show at DJ@wmnf.org, and try to work some of those into the conversation.

This is all happening on "Talking Animals" April 17 at 9am ET.





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