Author of Acclaimed "What's A Dog's For" on Talking Animals

Talking Animals Jan 30 2013 9:00AM - 10:00AM Add to Calendar

My guest on "Talking Animals" Jan. 30 will be John Homans, a veteran journalist who just published his first book, “What’s A Dog For?: The Surprising History, Science, Philosophy, and Politics of Man’s Best Friend.”

An engaging blend of memoir about Homans' relationships with the dogs in his life--including Stella, the Labrador mix Homans adopted as a birthday present for his son—combined with a comprehensive, journalistic examination of all things canine, from dog archeology to an array of scientific studies, research on dog behavior across several decades, and the way dogs have a specific and innate ability to communicate with humans by responding to our cues, among other topics.

Indeed, there’s a good deal more, but Homans isn’t just going wide here, he’s also going deep. “The centerpiece of the book,” The New York Times notes in a laudatory review (one of several “What’s A Dog For” has collected), “is the second Canine Science Forum at the University of Vienna, an international conference devoted to the dog.”

The executive editor of New York magazine since 1994, Homans delivers a beautifully written, rich, probing and colorful meditation on current dogs, ancient dogs, and dogs in between.

John Homans will speak with us live on "Talking Animals" on Jan. 30 at 11am, and listeners are invited to participate in the conversation by calling (813-239-9663) or e-mailing (



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