All Souls Happy New Year!! Top 25 Releases of 2013 & Auld Lang Syne!!

It's the Music! Wednesday Jan 01 2014 1:00PM - 3:30PM Add to Calendar

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The next All Souls/It's The Music! falls on New Years Day. I was trying to avoid the 'Best of" show, thinking who really cares what I think are the best releases of 2013? I thought of doing an all party show, with dance music I would have partied to on NYE. Then I thought I'd do a show about new beginnings. Then the idea of a hangover show came to me. But then I remembered that there were quite an assortment of really cool music releases this year, so I put together 25 of the releases that should be given a listen. Of course, there so many more than 25, but, hey, I thought '25 is enough'!! I will also feature The Project Catwalk Song Of The Year! Tune in next Wed., Jan. 1st from 1 - 4 PM for All Souls' Top 25 among other great music to start off the year!! On WMNF 88.5 FM Community Radio. Happy & Safe New Year to all!

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