Why support WMNF?

WMNF is listener-supported, commercial-free radio.

That means we don't interrupt your listening with commercials. And, we aren't beholden to top-10 charts for music or big corporations for news and public affairs.

We bring you eclectic music and independent, progressive news and public affairs because we can. We can because of listeners like you.

Many other stations that you may listen to are automated - a computer in an empty studio. WMNF has live DJs 24-hours-a-day, who answer the studio line when you call.

The majority of our budget - 70% - is provided by donations from individual listener-supporters. We don't get funding from a university or a big company. WMNF came into being because one person at a time gave a little bit (or a lot) to fund a dream in Tampa Bay, and that's still how we stay on the air.

In an age when a few large corporations own the majority of media outlets, and newsrooms are shrinking across the country, community radio is more important than ever.

Thank you.