Signing up for the Affordable Care Act

02/19/14 Robert Lorei
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Kristen Nash

Today on Radioactivity Rob Lorei speaks with Kristen Nash a field organizer for Enroll America about signing up for health care. Rob also speaks with Alison Murano of Doctors for America about how the organization plans to travel across Florida on a tour called "Coverage is Good Medicine".

For more on local health care help go to The phone number for ACA info is 1-800-318-2596

Listen to the entire show above.

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George from Tampa called in yesterday with a question about signing up for health care, and George remarked that when he called his doctor

Hi Rob, I heard part of the program on the ACA and I wanted to clarify something regarding the use of an insurance broker. It does not cost the consumer more to use a broker. The broker is paid by the insurance company. I have a friend who is an insurance broker trained in the ACA and can act as a navigator. He sells all kinds of health insurance and he can help people with the ACA. He will travel to a person's residence if necessary. Phone # is 727-492-3799. I told him about the show and he is very willing to talk to you so you can call him and give out his phone number. I am wondering if he can help the woman who couldn't find a plan on the marketplace that included her children. By the way this was a good show. Do it again, please.