Pro Nica's Laura Hopps on the Situation in Nicaragua; and Woody Tasch on the Slow Money Movement

03/22/13 Robert Lorei
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Good morning, Welcome to Radioactivity. I’m Rob Lorei. Coming up today we’ll get an update from the country of Nicaragua. For much of the 1980’s it was at the center of a debate over US foreign policy. And later—the slow money movement. One of it’s leaders is in Sarasota today- we’ll talk with him in the second half of the show.

But first- two listener comments about yesterday’s program. Yesterday for part of the program we discussed the tenth anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq.—And whether there should be an investigation of how our government launched the invasion.


First up today, our guest is

Laura Hopps ---ProNica’s new program director in Nicaragua, Laura Hopps …In that role she oversees ProNica’s mission of working with Nicaraguan grassroots organizations and working with educational delegations from North America….. ProNica began more than 25 years ago as a committee of Quakers from Florida who, in opposition to the U.S.-backed Contra war and in solidarity with the Nicaraguan people, began sending aid to Nicaragua.:

Next up- our guest is: Woody Tasch, founder and Chairman of the national nonprofit organization Slow Money, whose mission it is to spur investment in local food systems. Since its inception four years ago, 17 local chapters have been established and over $21 million has been invested into 180 small food enterprises nationwide.

Tasch will give a keynote lecture on“Slow Money: Investing as If Food, Farms, and Fertility Matter”at Ringling College's Academic Center Auditorium tonight at 7PM, as well as a more in-depth briefing for potential investors the following day.

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