How will rising sea levels affect people who live along or near Tampa Bay?

09/23/13 Robert Lorei
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Today Radioactivity discusses how communities around Tampa Bay will be adversely affected by rising sea levels over the next hundred years. Host Rob Lorei speaks with guests from the Tampa Bay Estuary Program, Ed Sherwood is a senior scientist and Nanette O'Hara is the public outreach coordinator.

The Tampa Bay Estuary Program and Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council have developed a computer model that projects sea level rise in the Tampa Bay watershed. The model allows users to see possible sea level rise of .5 meters to 2.0 meters over a time period of 2025-2100, and how that rise would impact shorelines. The model was created to assist planners, utility managers and others in addressing rising water levels in future land use, habitat protection and infrastructure decisions.

The Tampa Bay sea level rise mapping tool can be found here

For more information go to the Sarasota Water Atlas and the news page for the Tampa Bay Estuary Program.

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