Florida State University professor re-invited to speak in Tallahassee after her lecture was cancelled by state officials

04/03/14 Robert Lorei
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Diane Roberts

Today on Radioactivity, Rob Lorei welcomes Diane Roberts, professor at Florida State and an NPR commentator. Roberts is also a critic of Governor Rick Scott. She was scheduled to give a talk today at Mission San Luis in Tallahassee – about how Florida is ruining its environment but state officials cancelled the event. The cancellation became a news story and went viral. Yesterday she was re-invited to give the talk.

What makes this woman’s ideas so dangerous?

Diane Roberts serves on the board of directors of the Florida Wildlife Federation, which has battled the state in court over environmental issues, and she authored the book, “Dream State: Eight Generations of Swamp Lawyers, Conquistadors, Confederate Daughters, Banana Republicans and Other Florida Wildlife.” Following the death last month of former Gov. Reubin Askew, she criticized Scott and legislative leaders in a Tallahassee Democrat column for praising the late governor’s reforms “to the skies” while working to “systematically undermine them.”

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Great show today.

Gov.Scott's $25. houses.I thought that as an immigrant from England 30 years ago I had achieved the American dream.Homeowner & Realtor on Anna Maria island.Not so according to our Gov.Scott.You can imaginge my disappointment yesterday when I heard the Gov say that by reducing the vehicle tag fee we would have a savings of $25 into my pocket.Thereby enabling me to buy a house or car.I feel I've been duped into overpaying for my home and car.But then again the Gov. obviously knows more than I about real estate.I can tell you,I've spent about an hour looking and looking in the multiple listing service and I can't find any??I'm therefor going to contact him to see if he could give me a list of properties for sale for $25.I have a long list of buyers that would be interested. Susan Hatch.Anna Maria.

Gov Scott's is giving Floridians a tax break and people are complaining? If this were a Democrat doing the same it would all be applause. There certainly is a hatred running rampant at WMNF and with the media in general. Here is a link to a USA Today story on this very subject. http://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2014/04/01/fbi-guns-leland-lee-column/7081115/ I live on less than $6,000 a year and work as a handyman in my community. I need a car and a trailer to do my work, that's two registrations. i also have a very small boat and need a trailer for that, two more registrations. I own a motorcycle. Gov Scott is saving me money on my yearly fees. Many many people in Florida have more that one vehicle. I'm sure Gov Scott did not mean to imply you could buy a house for $25! He means to say the people have better things to do that GIVE more to the government which in most cases ends up squandering it away. I support Gov Scott and believe he has led us through a very rough economic period. He had to make cuts much of which were unpopular, but a state has a budget and cannot just print more money when it runs out- unlike the federal government.

While Gov Scott is not rich in warm and fuzzy Progressive LIEberal personality, his list of private economy expanding pledges kept is rich with accomplishments.