Dr. Margaret Flowers says the Affordable Care Act did not go far enough & Alex Sink runs for Florida's 13th Congressional District

10/30/13 Robert Lorei
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Today on Radioactivity Rob Lorei speaks with Dr. Margaret Flowers about health care. Flowers recently wrote the piece "Beyond the Spin, Some Facts about the Affordable Care Act". Flowers served as congressional fellow for Physicians for a National Health Program and is on the board of Healthcare-Now. She is co-director of It's Our Economy and co-host of Clearing the FOG Radio Show.

She said: "In what is perhaps the greatest corporate scam ever, not only did the health insurance corporations write the federal health law, called the Affordable Care Act, to enhance their profits, but now they also have the government and non-profit groups doing the work of marketing their shoddy products."

Later Rob speaks with Alex Sink, Florida’s former Chief Financial Officer. She has announced that she is running to represent the residents of the 13th Congressional District and change the way Washington does business to focus on problem-solving and working together to grow our economy and help businesses create jobs.

Listen to the full show above.

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