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Wednesday April 23, 2014


About 300 dentists volunteered to provide care to as many as 2,000 patients at the Florida State Fairgrounds.

photo by Janelle Irwin

Free dental care fair in Tampa rescues more than 1500 from pain

As many as 2,000 people from across the state are receiving free dental care Friday and Saturday at the Florida State Fairgrounds. This is the state’s first Mission of Mercy where the goal of hundreds of dentists and dental hygienists is to get people who don’t have access to oral healthcare out of pain.

In a giant expo hall at the fairgrounds, several generators powered more than 100 dental chairs – all of them occupied by patients. The whirring of drills and suction hoses signaled to mor...

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Should Florida Give Tax Breaks to Homeowners Who Install Solar?

Good morning, welcome to radioactivity. My guest is part of a coalition which says: "Florida’s solar energy industry and clean energy advocates are calling on state Representative Ritch Workman to stop blocking consideration of a resolution that would allow voters to decide whether or not to remove punitive taxes on solar energy systems. The solar industry supports letting the voters decide on the exemption of solar energy systems from the punitive tangible personal property tax. Removing thi...

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Activists wave signs in front of th building where FL Rep. Kathleen Peters' office is located.

photo by Janelle Irwin

Activists call on Republican FL Rep. Kathleen Peters to support Medicaid expansion

It costs more for a person earning below poverty wages to buy health insurance under the Affordable Care Act than it does many middle class people. That problem would be solved if Florida lawmakers expanded the state’s Medicaid program. Activists protested the refusal of federal funding in front of Republican State Representative Kathleen Peters’ office in St. Pete Thursday.

Activists including Terrie Weeks hope they can persuade holdouts in the legislature to change their minds.


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James W. Douglass

Author and Activist James W. Douglass to deliver talks on JFK and peace in Florida

Today on Radioactivity, Rob Lorei welcomes author and activist James W. Douglass to discuss JFK and a series of events he will be hosting this week in Sarasota and St. Pete.

Douglass will lead a retreat called “Gandhi and the Unspeakable: Will We Wake Up to Nonviolence?” He will start with Gandhi shivering on the train platform in South Africa and take retreatants all the way to Gandhi’s final confrontation with the Unspeakable. The retreat is at the Dayspring Conference Center, a wooded...

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What's coming up at this year's Sarasota Film Fest? and Corporations Want to Deny Birth Control to Employees

Through Women’s Eyes/Sarasota Film Festival

It looks like a great SARASOTA FILM FESTIVAL coming up April 4-13. A very important part of this film festival is the 15th annual “THROUGH WOMEN’S EYES,” films by, for and about women Saturday and Sunday, April 5-6. All of these films, and most of the festival films are shown at the Regal Cinema Hollywood 20 in Sarasota.

Guests on From a Woman's POV:


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Representatives from Pinellas County drove SUVs to a meeting in Bartow discussing clean water standards.

photo by Janelle Irwin

Florida DEP moves forward with numeric nutrient water standards as critics push back

Many Florida waterways still don’t have nutrient pollution standards. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection is holding a series of meetings all over the state to talk about nutrient standards and how to make sure things like nitrogen and phosphorus are not contaminating water bodies.

“A healthy water body needs nitrogen and phosphorus so it makes plants grow and the plants grow and the aquatic fish and other life forms can eat the plants and you have a healthy system.”


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The Golden Age of Television

Today on the Last Call Warren Elly discusses early American television and evolving social values as reflected in TV programing with Walt Belcher who has covered television for The Tampa Tribune for 35 years.

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April Griffin.

photo by Seán Kinane/WMNF News (July 2012).

Hillsborough School Board member suggests governor might use public school for politics

Governor Rick Scott came to Tampa Wednesday afternoon to speak with Jefferson High School students about the costs of college tuition.

But Hillsborough School Board member April Griffin suggests the governor could be using public school resources and students as a backdrop for a re-election campaign commercial.

We asked the governor’s press office for a response. They said they could not answer whether Scott’s campaign planned to film at Jefferson.

As of air time we had not receive...

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David Cobb, Move to Amend

Contraception coverage under the Affordable care Act.

Today Radioactivity explores yesterday’s arguments at the US Supreme Court over whether corporations should be required to supply contraception coverage under the Affordable care Act. Rob Lorei interviews David Cobb who is a spokesperson for the group Move to Amend a group that wants to amend the US Constitution to end the practice of giving corporations the same rights as people.

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