WMNF Board Meeting

03/18/13 11:15pm
03/18/13 11:15pm

The Nathan B. Stubblefield Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit organization established solely to operate WMNF Community Radio. The Board is generally scheduled to meet on the third Monday of the month, 7:15 pm, at WMNF, 1210 E. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., Tampa, FL 33603. Note: Meetings are occasionally rescheduled due to holidays or other date conflicts; please call the station at 813-238-8001 to confirm the date and time of any particular monthly meeting. The Board governs the Foundation, which owns the assets of WMNF, including physical assets, the FCC license and the goodwill towards WMNF shown by the community. The Board establishes the mission of WMNF. The Board establishes working committees that make recommendations for consideration by the full Board. The Board establishes prudent fiscal policies, approves an annual budget, secures an annual audit, conducts planning retreats, and approves personnel policies, style statements and programming policies.

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