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WMNF's Annual Report to CPB

Laura Taylor about over 1 year ago

Every year, WMNF completes a Station Activity Survey as part of our requirement to receive funding from the Corporation for Pubic Broadcasting. For questions, please contact Laura Taylor, WMNF Marketing and Development Director at 813-865-8260 or

CPB REPORT-STATION ACTIVITY SURVEY-FY 12-13 Community Outreach Activities Did the grant recipient engage in any of the following community outreach services, and, if so, did the outreach activity have a specific, formal component designed to be of special service to either the educational community or minority and/or other diverse audiences?
Produce public service announcemnts? Yes
Did the public service announcements have a specific, formal component designed to be of special service to the educational community? No
Did the public service announcements have a specific, formal component designed to be of special service to the minority community and/or diverse audiences? Yes
Broadcast community activities information (e.g., community bulletin board, series highlighting local nonprofit agencies)? Yes
Did the community activities information broadcast have a specific, formal component designed to be of special service to the educational community? No
Did the community activities information broadcast have a specific, formal component designed to be of special service to the minority community and/or diverse audiences? Yes
Produce/distribute informational materials based on local or national programming? No
Did the informational programming materials have a specific, formal component designed to be of special service to the educational community? No
Did the informational programming materials have a specific, formal component designed to be of special service to the minority community and/or diverse audiences? No
Host community events (e.g. benefit concerts, neighborhood festivals)? Yes
Did the community events have a specific, formal component designed to be of special service to the educational community? No
Did the community events have a specific, formal component designed to be of special service to the minority community and/or diverse audiences? Yes
Provide locally created content for your own or another community-based computer network/web site? Yes
Did the locally created web content have a specific, formal component designed to be of special service to the educational community? No
Did the locally created web content have a specific, formal component designed to be of special service to the minority community and/or diverse audiences? Yes
Partner with other community agencies or organizations (e.g., local commerical TV station, Red Cross, Urban League, school district)? Yes
Did the partnership have a specific, formal component designed to be of special service to the educational community? No
Did the partnership have a specific, formal component designed to be of special service to the minority community and/or diverse audiences?

TELLING PUBLIC RADIO’S STORY Yes 1. Please Describe any efforts (e.g., programming, production, outreach activities) you have made to investigate and/or meet the needs of minority and other diverse audiences (including, but not limited to, new immigrants, people for whom English is a second language and illiterate adults) during Fiscal Year 2012, and any plans you have made to meet the needs of these audiences during Fiscal Year 2013. If you regularly broadcast in a language other than English, please note the languages broadcast.

WMNF 88.5 FM Community Radio has been serving the Tampa Bay Area for more than 33 years, with local, national and intentional programming that strives to meet the needs of minority and other diverse audiences. A mostly volunteer-run station with a small staff, WMNF’s open and inclusive atmosphere enables us to maintain a close and strong relationship with local grass-roots communities.

Our commitment to the service of minorities and other diverse audiences is etched in our mission statement. It reads “WMNF is a listener-supported community radio station that celebrates cultural diversity and is committed to equality, peace and social and economic justice”. Our goal is to provide broadcasts platforms and engagement forums that promote creativity and musical expression, while functioning as one of the region’s most trusted source of information.

Our mission statement defines our programming - particularly in our news and public affairs shows. WMNF’s news and public affairs programs routinely cover issues such as poverty and social injustice facing minorities and other diverse groups. WMNF regularly produces shows and news stories on topics such as the plight of migrant workers, environmental threats, the struggles of veterans to obtain proper health care, the homeless, the foreclosure crisis and other issues of disaffected groups.

In order to provide better service to our growing niche audiences, WMNF has multiplexed the FM to convert into four HD channels. On the main channel, we provide the standard public radio news, public affairs and music programming Mondays thru Friday at 1:00 PM. The rest of the weekday day-part, part of Saturdays and all of Sundays is dedicated to diverse target audiences. Programming on channel 2 is provided by our community partner – the University of South Florida and targets sports listeners. Channel 3 is all news/talk, with the BBC world service targeting the multi-ethnic foreign born residents of the area; whereas channel 4 is mostly music – programmed in partnership with another community partner – Hillsborough Community College. This entire digital conversion project was made possible by CPB digital conversion funds.

WMNF promotes these partnerships and the work that the students do on HD on our main channel. We provide training for the students. WMNF is also working with other stations on effective use of their HD channels in cooperation with college broadcasters. On our all news and public affairs channel, “WMNF HD3 - The Source” are relatively new, independent media voices to our listening area and web audience. “The Source” airs programs such as PRI’s “The Take Away”, “BBC World Service”, “The Thom Hartmann Radio Program”, “The Tavis Smiley Show”, and other public and community radio shows that serve minority populations and interests.

WMNF – Extra, our HD4 service is an exciting collaboration between our station and the community college. Their students broadcast six hours a day (8AM – 2PM), covering their college’s sports teams, sometimes live play-by-play and presenting youth-oriented music (age 18 to 24). WMNF fills in the rest of the broadcast day with a mix of AAA and world music targeted at a much demographic than the typical public radio listener.

WMNF believes in the vitality of adding the voices of young people to our airwaves. Through these partnerships, we hope to create future public radio listeners, future donors, and future WMNF volunteers and staff. We consistently have a number of college students volunteering and interning at WMNF, in our newsroom, in our development department, and in our operations/production department. We feel the range of viewpoints presenting by college students helps to meet the needs of diverse populations served by WMNF.

On our main channel, WMNF carries two weekly, locally-produced Latin-focused programs: “Latino 54” and “Latin Jazz and Salsa.” These primarily music-focused shows also contain interviews and information about Latin culture, events, arts and other areas. Both of those programs and our “WMNF Drive-Time News” air pieces excerpted from “Latino USA.” On our HD3 service “The Source”, we run “Latino USA” in its entirety.

WMNF also focuses on all citizens during our African-American Sunday Morning Power Block. This includes the “Gospel Classic Hour”, “The Temple of Hip Hop” and “Sunday Forum.” Though hosted by African-American volunteers, they present a wide array of music and discuss a broad variety of issues of interest to WMNF’s core audience.

Other Sunday programs relevant to minorities are “The Sunday Simcha”, a Jewish news and cultural affairs show; the “Karib-B-Yan Kruze”, which connects many of Florida’s citizens of Caribbean descent to their home islands; “Two Worlds”, which provides a social and cultural forum for the Native American community; and the “Sunday Evening Jazz Clinic,” which keeps the traditions of African and American jazz alive.

The weekly Arab-Muslim public affairs program “True Talk,” a global affairs talk radio show, is another popular offering on WMNF. “True Talk” focuses on the Middle East and the Muslim Word. The show also discusses issues that Muslims face world wide, as well as topics for American Muslims who are seeking to live as peace-loving Americans in a nation that often has only seen stereotypical portrayals of Islam.

Off the air and in the community, WMNF produces around 50 of our own events each year, including concerts, speeches and film screenings. WMNF also involves itself in like-minded non-profit community festivals and events several times a week.

The following is a summary of festivals and events in which we were media co-sponsors with other non-profits providing on-air announcements required to be read by programmers and at which we had a presence. WMNF will likely continue to partner with these non-profits this and next fiscal year.

*The Tampa International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, which features independent movies from both local and global filmmakers.

*The St. Petersburg Times Festival of Reading, which WMNF has continued to sponsor

*The Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg’s Jazz Series, which WMNF has sponsored since 2009.

*Local cable station Tampa Bay Arts and Education Network and its Independents’ Film Festival, which WMNF has sponsored since 2007.

*St. Pete Pride, one of the best-attended gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender parades and events in the country.

WMNF also participated in several environmental events as detailed in Section 3. At all 50 or more events WMNF produces each year, attendees are asked to bring nonperishable food to go to the local charity “Feeding America Tampa Bay.

  1. Please briefly assess the impact that your CPB funding has on your ability to serve your community. What can you do with your grant that you wouldn't be able to do if you didn't receive it? In the prior section, referenced was made to CPB’s impact on the station’s digital conversion. CPB funding is absolutely critical not only to WMNF’s vitality, but also to our ability to provide news and information, public service, community outreach and public engagement; to create culture; and possibly to operate our radio station. This specific CPB grant pays for our national programming such as NPR, Pacifica and Associated Press, as well as part of the payment for tower rental. In addition, the CSG acts as seed investment of some of the personnel that manage the station’s fundraising, outreach and engagement.

Lost of CPB funding would severely impact the station’s all-round performance. It would reduce our ability to provide local news coverage, it would impact significantly our fundraising capabilities, and most important, it would reduce our capacity to serve and engage targeted local communities.

Lost of federal funding provided by CPB would drastically change the station. It would cause us to increase our reliance on a local community that in the last five years, has lost jobs at a much faster rate than the national average. Many of our community engagement events and/or outreach would either be lost or cut back.

If WMNF suddenly became much less valuable to our community as a source of news, music and culture that listeners depend on daily, then that would not only impact our listeners, but also represent a major loss to our region.

The CPB grant provides funding for access to AP’s wire services, which provide local information related to weather events and weather emergencies. The funding also partially provides for our enhanced EAS capability.

WMNF listeners also value Pacifica, namely Amy Goodman’s work on “Democracy Now!”, which Arbitron ratings show is the second-most listened show on WMNF. The news department often uses pieces from “Democracy Now!” on the “WMNF Drive Time News” to help deliver the most nuanced take possible on the biggest stories of the day.

Without the ability to pay for NPR, Pacifica, the AP, our tower rent and utilities via CPB funding, WMNF and the local community we serve would be drastically impacted, and in fact, devastated.

  1. Please describe any special activities you have undertaken in the areas of community service and outreach during the Year. With the help of hundreds of volunteers each week, WMNF staff members are able to empower them to provide outreach opportunities averaging at least once a week throughout the year. Outreach takes place at both station events as well as at area festivals and forums such as at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day Parades, Earth Day celebrations, farmers markets and environmental conferences. This year we participated in events ranging from fashion shows fighting child labor practices to Pride Parades to folk festivals. We have information at all of our outreach tables about public media and involvement and careers in public media.

WMNF also produced events for different communities in the area, including the “Karri-B-Yan Kruise Festival”, presented by the volunteer programmers who host WMNF’s Caribbean program of the same name, and a very successful Neighborhood Open House. Attendees at the station heard live Latin music, jazz and hip hop performances, met WMNF programmers and toured the station. WMNF was active in events geared toward immigrant and refuge communities. We were participants in the Boys & Girls Clubs Health Fair, St. Pete Pride, which celebrates the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities, and sponsor a neighborhood Little League Team. We started our Out & Loud poetry nights, geared toward LGBT youth.

WMNF also participated in the “Great American Teach-in”, with staff and key volunteers engaging students in interactive ways about careers in broadcasting.

WMNF programmers, news team, and staff have also spoken at numerous events around the area. We were active in creating community forums before, during and after the Republican National Convention, held in August here in Tampa.

WMNF had a presence at several environmental festivals and conferences and presented our own environmental events. A sampler:

*March 17, 2012 – Mutt Strut- WMNF helped emcee this annual family friendly animal event in Largo, Florida, focusing on environmentally friendly pet practices and pet adoption.

  • March 31, 2012 - While WMNF fundraises through our special events; we produced a free one, the “Talking Animals Music Night”. This event, based on a WMNF animal rights and issues public affairs program of the same name, drew hundreds of attendees.

  • May 3, 2012 - WMNF was the radio sponsor, and did outreach at the annual “Clean Air Fair.” Dozens of environmentally focused groups participated, and thousands of downtown Tampa workers and visitors came through.

*August 15, 2012 - WMNF film series with discussion: “Vegucated.” Discussion panel included the film maker, WMNF programmers, and a nutritionist at a renovated historic zero-sum energy building in the Ybor City area of Tampa.

*October 18, 2013 – Poetry at the Preserve, cosponsored by WMNF, is a Florida focused environmental event, with local poets working with youth, and writing about the Florida environment.

WMNF also serves the community through our Public Service Announcement Program. WMNF programmers are required to read public service announcements (PSAs) hourly during most programs. Community PSAs and links to local non-profits are also available on our Web site,

In 2011, WMNF began offering the opportunity to record a free, short public service announcement to local nonprofits and arts organizations. Since then, different local non-profits have been recording announcements at the station on an almost daily basis. WMNF receives feedback from several groups that the announcements the station has broadcast have made a big difference to their efforts and attendance. Most listeners who come to the station to record an announcement have never visited WMNF before. Some of the announcements have been about adult literacy, small business counseling, diabetic alert dogs, blood mobiles, support groups, heritage festivals, dealing with addiction, organic gardening, green expos, and many more. Here is a list of recent participants: -The University of South Florida Department of Theatre & Dance -Medical Alert Dogs -Goodwill collecting books for pre-school children -Cultural arts showcase with at-risk youth -Class on Quaker faith and practice -Dunedin Scottish country dancers -Local arts center classes -Local school hosting an EcoFest -Tampa Black Heritage Festival -Tampa Blood Services (blood donations) -Tampa Public Library -Alcoholics Anonymous -University of Tampa reading series -Suicide Prevention -Youth Mass Choir -World Refugee Day (local group) -Walk to School Day -USF School of Global Sustainability, water use -Tuberculosis awareness -United Way -Temple Terrace Community Garden -St Pete Science Festival -Suncoast AIDS Theatre Project -Tampa Historical Society -Slow Food Tampa Bay -Operation Homefront Walk -three local theatre companies

Since we began offering recorded public service announcements, the station has had a big surge in written announcements. Hundreds of nonprofits and arts organizations routinely share written announcements on WMNF’s Website - These announcements are available for on-air hosts to read, and shared with the general public.

Another way WMNF serves the area is with our Community Partners program, which connects our listeners to non-profit organizations and locally-owned businesses that support the station. We host cultivation events for these organizations and businesses and list them on our Web site as Community Partners for at least a year after their contribution. We afford them further exposure by thanking them during the course of our on-air pledge drives when they donate food or premiums. WMNF also trades underwriting with local PBS station WEDU, local cable channel The Tampa Bay Arts and Education Network and with local arts and culture newspaper Creative Loafing.

WMNF produces two programs of particular importance to incarcerated citizens, “Poetry Is…” and the “Soul Party.” “Poetry Is…” --- a weekly program hosted by international spoken word artists/poets --- is one-hour interactive show that includes profiles of historic and contemporary spoken word writers and performers. Former show host Lizz Straight, now with StoryCorps, still participates as occasional host and poet. “Poetry Is…” also takes its show to prisons as an outreach project, and receives numerous letters from incarcerated citizens who find meaning in the show. “Soul Party” is a weekly two-hour program. On its face, “Soul Party” is a classic R&B and smooth soul show. However, “Soul Party” also initiates extensive outreach projects at prisons and receives a large volume of mail from incarcerated citizens. “Soul Party” received special recognition from the Florida prison system in 2012.

  1. Please describe any special efforts you have made to increase your involvement with the educational community during the year. Include a brief description of any major educational services provided.

In addition to providing internships for college-level students from the two community partners referenced earlier, WMNF also provide training opportunities for community volunteers and high school students. College students who intern in our Operations Department receive course credit for their hours at WMNF. In addition, our news and public department has selected education as one of three areas (the others being the environment and public health) for enterprise reporting for the next two years.

WMNF collaborates with the University of South Florida’s student-run college station “Bulls Radio” and Hillsborough Community College’s “Hawk Radio.” As stated before, WMNF began leasing our HD2 signal to “Bulls Radio” in 2009 and to “Hawk Radio” in 2011. Previously, “Bulls Radio” was only heard on an inter-campus system, on a low-power AM station within a few mile radius surrounding USF’s Tampa campus and on-line. When “Bulls Radio” became “WMNF HD2 Bulls Radio”, the student-run station was then able to be heard by anyone with an HD radio throughout the entire Tampa Bay Area, which is also the location of USF’s four campuses. The case is similar for “Hawk Radio.” The streams continue to be available on-line to anyone in the world. WMNF professional staff and seasoned volunteers have been training and mentoring these USF and HCC students for a career in broadcasting in our state-of-the-art radio facility.

To reiterate, WMNF was only able to arrange this partnership due to a generous CPB digital conversion grant. We were able to afford to purchase vital pieces of equipment---a Studio Transmitter Line and related equipment---with that grant.

WMNF provides students a real-world learning lab that cannot be duplicated in some classroom settings. Such lessons include, but are not limited to, training on broadcast and production equipment, radio announcing, news reporting and other areas of journalism, the learning and producing of program and traffic logs, and writing for the radio. WMNF also trains students in legal areas of the FCC, including legal station IDs, program logs and monitoring broadcasts for potential FCC violations, as well as giving instructions on the Emergency Broadcast System and on taking hourly transmitter readings.

Student interns also participate in WMNF’s weekly live music broadcasts, in which they learn microphone techniques, live mixing of musicians and other aspects of the performance studio. After completing their internships at WMNF, many students use their experience to apply skills learned at the station to video editing and production.

WMNF routinely recruits students as volunteer radio production assistants and news reporters. Other students transcribe audio news stories for our Website,

WMNF also routinely has high school students volunteer in order to complete their community service requirements for State of Florida “Bright Futures Scholarships.”

WMNF and our partnership with the University of South Florida’s student-run station, “WMNF HD2 Bulls Radio” and Hillsborough Community College’s student-run station “WMNF HD4 Hawk Radio” also allows us to prepare for careers beyond simply completing an internship. WMNF boasts a particular success story. Under the tutelage of our chief engineer, a former student "Bulls Radio" station manager has gone on to become employed by WMNF in our information technology department. That same former student and current IT employee also developed "Hawk Radio WMNF HD4 “, one of the first HD4 stations in the country.

WMNF staff invite students and technical volunteers to meetings of the Society of Broadcast Engineers, and assist volunteers interested in obtaining professional certification from the SBE. Members of the SBE who joined through WMNF include college students, a Latino man and an African-American woman, now part of this acclaimed professional organization.

Seven of the ten slots for technical volunteers engineering WMNF’s daily newscast and running the board during public affairs shows are covered by two Latino men, a female college student and an African-American woman.

Our main promo producer and digital editing instructor this year is an African-American college professor, volunteering his time. He has trained close to a dozen women, African-American and Latino producers in the last year.

WMNF recently trained nearly 200 volunteers in the air studio, including women, African-Americans, Latinos, college students and retirees. We mandate annual refreshers courses on air studio equipment and skills every year for all our on-air volunteers.

WMNF encourages citizen volunteers to be a part of our News Department as well. WMNF’s News Department provides formal newsgathering and production for students and volunteers. The News Department trains an average of 20 new volunteers per year. Many of the volunteers are either current college students or have just graduated and are seeking employment in the broadcast journalism field. Four of the last staff hires in the WMNF News Department were formerly station volunteers.

Likewise, our Programming and Operations Departments train DJs on an ongoing basis in production, technical and broadcast skills. Such courses are a requirement of maintaining a show on the station. WMNF provides training opportunities in radio production and on-air skills for both students and community volunteers. WMNF offers technical and broadcast training to present music, news and public affairs and other types of programming to community volunteers over the age of 16.

  1. CPB is interested in learning more about stations’ significant activities planned for the upcoming year – both broadcast and beyond broadcast. What types of on-air programs and off-air activities are you planning in the upcoming year that will connect your station more closely with your community? What goals are you setting in conjunction with these initiatives, and how will you measure your success? In the upcoming year, our goal is very simple – to be the very best local community public service media that is permitted within our financial constraints. On-air, we will continue to provide a combination of local and national content that is both informative and engaging – most importantly, content that allows the expansion of our community engagement efforts. We are continuing to build music formats that enable exposure of new musical talents and use our live showcase studio and live concert events to expose young, fresh talent. We are adding programming and initiatives that target minority and under-served listeners. Most significantly, we are stepping up our community engagement and outreach efforts, adding new community partners for our public service events such the Ybor City Merchant Association, the Tampa Chamber of Commerce and the Moffitt Medical Center of Tampa.

On our main channel, WMNF is using our Sunday offerings, possibly the most diverse day of programming on the station, as a springboard to create a community outreach campaign. The programmers and their production teams will be asked to attend trainings on outreach, marketing, interviewing and social media. Each program will be asked to create two (2) outreach events, and create relationships with three (3) community partners throughout the year. They will also collaborate with the Diversity Committee on a Community Open House at the station. The trainings will be open to all programmers and production teams at WMNF, both on air and on the HD channels.

The Sunday programs range from traditional and hip-hop gospel shows, to public affairs shows about issues in the local and national African-American communities, and shows encompassing the music and public affairs important to Jewish, Latino, Native American and Caribbean communities. There is a straight ahead jazz show, and Sundays end with an alt-indie show helmed by young immigrants.

We are using two metrics to measure the success of this initiative. The first is whether volunteerism associated with the shows rises with the increased activities. The second is whether new or returning supporters pledge to the shows during the station’s fund drives.

As WMNF has traditionally done for several years, there will be special programming on International Women’s Day and on Juneteenth. International Women's Day, which falls on March 8th, is a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future. On that day, all WMNF programming is produced and presented by women, featuring all female-content. Juneteenth, celebrated June 19th, is the oldest known celebration commemorating the ending of slavery in the United States. On June 19th, all programming will feature African-American content and music as presented by WMNF’s African-American programmers. The success of these two special days of programming will be measured by audience feedback.

WMNF is also working with the local arts community. WMNF airs a weekly program, “Art in Your Ear”, in which local artists, actors and others in the arts community are interviewed, present or describe their work and help foster new understanding and appreciation of the arts in the community. The success of this long-running show will be measured by audience surveys and fundraising support of “Art in Your Ear.”

WMNF continues producing live radio theatre performances, recorded for broadcast, at St. Petersburg’s Studio@620. WMNF co-produces the WMNF-Studio@620 Radio Theatre Project, which presents live performances of radio plays at the Studio@620 in St. Petersburg, which are recorded for later broadcast.

The series was awarded a two-year partnership grant in 2011 from the Florida Humanities Council for its work focusing on local authors and local issues. The grant makes these shows free to the public. In the last three years, the WMNF-Studio@620 Radio Theatre Project has featured plays with diverse casting, including an African-American woman playing the female lead in “It’s A Wonderful Life,” many retired stage actors in their 70s and 80s, and a large cast of Latino actors in a play about Ybor City.

WMNF Radio Theater has ground breaking productions in 2013. "The Rocks Are Gonna Cry Out" is the first part of a trilogy "the road weeps, the well runs dry" that merges the myth, folklore and history of the Black Seminole people. The trilogy is written by poet/playwright, Marcus Gardley. Fanni Green, director Marcus Gardley is a poet-playwright who was awarded the 2011 PEN/Laura Pels award for Mid-Career Playwright. He holds an MFA in Playwriting from Yale Drama School and is a professor of Playwriting at Brown University. “Francisco Menendez” is the remarkable story of the former slave, who escapes from British Carolina to Spanish Florida in the 18th Century and how he becomes the Commander of Fort Moses, the first settlement of freed peoples in North America. WMNF is working with the African-American director of this play to explore the issues of race, intermarriage and homosexuality included in the play, and to reach out to members of the local Seminole tribe for their input.

The success of the WMNF-Studio@620 Radio Theatre Project will be measured by audience participation, funds raised at the Studio@620 performances and the number of Radio Theatre pieces aired on WMNF.

In our own Live Music Studio, WMNF showcases local bands and musicians in performances broadcast throughout the Tampa Bay area. We accept recordings from local musicians for our record library. Local bands are heard every day on WMNF, and often part of our benefit concert events. Our success will be measured by the number of local bands on our air and at our benefit concerts.

WMNF is in a continuing partnership with the Children’s Board of Hillsborough County and the Hillsborough Youth Collaborative. This initiative is modeled after and has informal guidance from "Youth Media International" in Oakland, CA. The goal is to create multi-platform media, currently being produced at WMNF, and distributed initially on "WMNF HD3 The Source" as well as on the Children’s Board and WMNF HD3 Web sites .

“HYC Radio”, as it has been branded, is producing commentaries and radio features, conceived and written by students ages 13 through 20. There are 10 students currently involved in “HYC Radio.” They are supervised and trained by a station volunteer with a BA degree in broadcast journalism.

Examples of pieces produced in the last few months by HYC Radio -Interview with the Ophelia Project - which serves youth and adults who are affected by relational and other non-physical forms of aggression by providing them with a unique combination of tools, strategies and solutions. -Commentary on coming out as a gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender youth to conservative Christian parents -Commentary about being black and feeling disconnected from “black culture” -Interview with Ray Arsenault about his acclaimed book “Freedom Riders” - A series of reports and segments on a trip to Tallahassee, FL for Children’s Week, including interviews with State Lawmakers

For the rest of the fiscal year, "HYC Radio" plans to continue to produce monthly programs for “WMNF HD3 The Source.”

The success of HYC Radio will be measured by the number of students who participate and the number of stories aired and made available for streaming on and associated Web sites. Success will also be measured by the quality of the pieces, as well the number of students placed in mentoring or internships in the station that match their career ambitions.

WMNF’s Youth & Innovation Committee is creating an online Battle of the Bands for High School Bands in our listening area. The bands can record a demo in our Live Music Studio, post it on our website, and one or more of the bands will play WMNF events. The success of the Committee work will be measured in the number of bands participating, which ba

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