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Sustainable Living's Rose Information

JoEllen Schilke about almost 2 years ago

Were you listening to Sustainable Living today at 10am? John Starnes was the guest. He was talking about roses that can grow well in Florida, which were first developed more than a hundred years ago. The China roses are: (red-1832) Cramoisi Superieur, (pink-1752) Old Blush, which is also the archetype for many roses today, and (yellow-1884) Madam Berkley. There were 2 types of Tea roses which also grow well in Florida: Mlle Franciza Krueger, and Perle des Jardins, both yellow, both very old stock. We asked John to do a rose workshop/Q&A at the station in September if anyone would be interested in attending. You can find John's rose blog here.

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