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Riding the SunRail

Naveen Sultan about about 1 year ago

photo by David Bryant

WMNF volunteer, David Bryant spent a day riding the SunRail in the Orlando area. Below find a list of pros and cons based on his experience.

Pros of SunRail

• Even though the train was late leaving Winter Park, it arrived on time (4:07) at Sand Lake Road, which impressed me.

• The train only had to stop at the SunRail stations, and apparently wasn’t delayed by CSX or Amtrak trains. When I’ve ridden Amtrak through Orlando, there always seems to be delays and mysterious slowdowns, neither of which plagued my SunRail trip.

• I noticed a couple of people who brought their bikes on the train, and there was a strap system to hold the bikes that was unobtrusive.

• The ride was smooth, so the lack of poles to hold onto was not that big of deal because it moved so smoothly and the stops were pretty gentle.

• I was surprised that I didn’t hear the train horn during the road crossings. Maybe due to special quiet crossings.

• There was a good mix of riders on the train: elderly, kids, White, Black, Hispanic.

Cons of SunRail

• Not enough poles and hand holds on the train for people standing. There are only a few poles downstairs, and none at all in the upstairs section.

• Too much space is provided for downstairs seating; more seating could be fit if the seats weren’t so widely spaced.

• It was hard to get off and on the train because it was so busy, but that’s probably because it was the last free day, and because a lot of joyriders were testing out the train system.

• The train stations had a good map of the connecting buses, but no time schedules for the buses. The schedules would be handy for people getting off the train.

• The SunRail ambassadors who were stationed at the train stops were friendly and helpful, and they knew SunRail well. However, they were not cross-trained on the Lynx buses and the connections.

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