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Programmer Spotlight of the Month!

Naveen Sultan about almost 2 years ago


Welcome to our first Spotlight of the Month! Get to know our programmers a little better and make sure to listen to their awesome shows.


Jon Butts

What show do you host?

I do the Sustainable Living program that airs every other Monday at 10 AM. It's a call-in program with special guests on various sustainability topics. I'm very concerned about the environment and what will be left of it if the so-called developed world continues to develop .

What does your show represent to you and what do you hope people get out of it?

It's about getting to the truth on the topic of sustainable living. A lot of people are very passionate and end up repeating what other passionate people say without doing the research. In the end it's just about arithmetic; mainly how much carbon and waste we produce, and getting those numbers down. Besides the passionate folks there's our capitalistic system that's based on selling stuff no matter what--just get the money and run. This has nothing to do with meeting the needs of people, what happens to nature, or what we leave to our children .

How long have you been with WMNF and how did you start here?

Not sure exactly when, but I remember an article in the Tampa Tribune about a group going around Tampa trying to start a non- commercial station. I liked the idea and stumbled on 88.5 FM in the early 80's. I started doing the Sustainable Living program in 2005 after sending a complaint to Rob Lorei about another issue. At the time he was looking for suggestions for new programs and I suggested he should find someone to do a sustainable living program.

What's your favorite show on WMNF (aside from your own) ?

I love so many - I hate to leave out any one of the great shows and programmers. Even the shows that are not my favorites I listen to, and they eventually play something that catches my ear! Of course over the years the Public Affairs programs have made the biggest impact on my world!

What's your best/ funniest memory at WMNF?

I guess the woman with the 2 young (4 and 10 yr. old) children that composted kitchen waste with worms in their house in St. Pete was one of the funniest for me. The Humanure (composting toliets) show with Joe Jenkins was a close second place; but did cause a stink in the air studio. I always try to have fun on the show and encourage our guests to share the fun. Funny does not cost anything; it's sustainable!

Favorite band?

Locally Ronnie Elliott, Have Gun Will Travel, The Applebutter Express, but always been a big fan of Neil Young

What's your idea of the perfect dinner?

I'll start with dessert. I love making pies from scratch with the produce from our farm and usually try and make them in our solar ovens. We make the sugar cane syrup, our chickens make the eggs, our water buffaloes produce the milk, and the farm makes the filling - pumpkin, peach, pear, mulberry, etc.! We ate mainly vegetarian for years and love to eat the veggies we grow; then a troublesome feral pig changed things and we now enjoy game that's caught on the farm. Because this type of meat is usually not mushy like confined factory raised meat, we smoke it with natural oak wood and the solar ovens do a great job of tenderizing. Of course the buffalo cheese really adds to the meals. We've been fermenting vegetables for some time and the latest thing is fermenting beverages; this really makes dinners and after dinners interesting. What we eat is really important to us and as farmers this is all about us!

If you could come back in another life as an animal what would you choose and why?

I guess a dog because I wouldn't worry too much, could sleep a lot, and someone else would be paying the vet bills.

Finish the sentence: Without WMNF in my life I would...

Hard to image , but sure I would be on medication (I do some nature stuff :)) waiting for a hip and heart transplants.

Tell us something about yourself you want your listeners to know?

In 1998 we opened up our farm to the possibility of forming an intentional community based on sustainable living, farming and community. Over the years we've had a lot of folks come and go, but never die-hard WMNFers such as ourselves. Community is all about something different than the selfishness presently driving us to our graves. WMNF is our greater community here in the Tampa Bay Area and we support it to provide the best public service for all of us! If you're interested in bio-dynamic farming, community, or have an idea for a show please contact me,

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