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Art's Response to Tragedy

Matt Cowley about about 2 years ago

WBUR is the NPR station in Boston.

From their new Artery site:

I watched the local TV anchors fumble for words themselves, outrage mixed with confusion. Who could blame them? Eventually, as it always does, the soul-sucking nature of the 24-hour news cycle started to take over. I don’t mean to disparage the efforts of some very talented journalists and, of course, they need to update people who are tuning in during the day. But I couldn’t take watching the body count getting higher, the video of people in agony on a seemingly endless loop, the bluster-meter going off the charts, the speculation mounting.

And this, I thought, is where art comes in, not to provide answers but to ask questions, questions that most of us don’t even think to ask, or want to ask, in the heat of battle.

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